Die Europäische Huntigton Association EHA organisiert ein Velorennen in den Ardennen und sucht noch Teilnehmer.

In the summer of 2018 the European Huntington Association wants to create awareness around Huntington’s disease. And we want to do it in a positive and fun way.

We therefore invite all of you to join us in a biking race. We will participate as Huntingtonians United under the slogan HD on the Bike. And we hope you will join our team.

Everyone is invited: if you’re directly affected by the disease, if you have a friend, a husband or a wife that’s affected by the disease, if you are a professional, if you simply just want to raise awarness – or if you need a good excuse to start working out. Each and every one of you can participate as a member on our team.

Details unter folgendem Link: http://eurohuntington.org/2017/10/24/2222/