It is a particularly exciting time for Huntington’s research. Countless doctors and scientists around the world are working tirelessly to find a disease-modifying treatment. You can find a roundup of HD research at Moving Forward.  Another great source of information is HDBuzz an online magazine providing all the latest information on research developments. Written by scientists, in plain language, for the benefit of the global HD community, you can read some of the latest articles below or go directly to HDBuzz.

“Seeing” the toxic huntingtin protein in people with HD

Dr Rachel HardingDecember 08, 2021

New tools let us “see” clumps of toxic huntingtin protein which build up in the brains of people with Huntington’s disease over time. Tracking these clumps might help us to better understand how HD progresses or how treatments might slow or halt HD. See more

UPDATES from the EHDN-Meeting 2021

Dr Rachel Harding. Oktober 2021

Last month, HDBuzz attended the online European Huntington’s Disease Network (EHDN) meeting. Read our summary of all the latest clinical trial updates.

Real talk: Q&A with Roche about GENERATION-HD1

Dr Sarah Hernandez and Dr Leora FoxSeptember 28, 2021

The HDBuzz team sat down (virtually) for an in depth Q&A session with the team at Roche to answer questions about tominersen and the recent halting of the GENERATION-HD1 trial. See more

Another tool in the box: Creation of a molecular “dimmer switch” advances gene editing

Dr Leora Fox30. August 2021

A new system has been developed that allows researchers to fine-tune gene expression with oral drugs, work that provides a powerful tool for gene editing. See more

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