There are self-help groups in Basel, Bern, Romandie and Zurich.
Self-help groups let you meet in a small group situation and talk to people who understand what you’re going through.  Participants provide  mutual emotional support and share practical tips and information on a range of issues.  Talking to people who are in a similar situation can help you clarify your own feelings about HD and its affect on you and your family.
There is an excellent global organisation specifically for children and young adults from HD families.  It’s called HDYO (Huntington’s Disease Youth Organisation).   If you are looking for good, understandable and age-appropriate information, we recommend you visit their site – HDYO


The Basel self-help group meets regularly at:

Zentrum Selbsthilfe
Feldbergstrasse 55
4057 Basel

Please contact Patrick Rentsch for further information Tel: 079 917 37 31


The Bern self-help group meets at:

Stiftung Siloah, Haus Bethanien (Halbrund-Bau)
Raum Milori oder Siena im 3. Stock
Worbstrasse 316
3073 Gümligen

Please contact Debora Hofer for further information Tel: 079 487 89 08


For the Romandie region please contact:

Aline Rochat
ch. de Bellerive 3
1007 Lausanne
021 616 66 28


Contacts for the Zürich self-help group are:

Josephine Dehning and Lisa Fischer
Forchstrasse 6a
8610 Uster

For further information email or telephone +41 78 876 27 53

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